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EuroPro - Cumberwell Park Golf Club

That felt good…

Hello everyone hope you are doing well and having a good weekend!

I wouldn’t normally be so jovial about being sat on a plane currently an hour delayed at heathrow, bound for Abu Dhabi but this week has gone rather well and gives me a bit of time to write this and debrief. With all the ups and downs of professional golf as I’m sure you have seen on this blog only too recently, it is rather refreshing and actually enjoyable when you can finally reflect on a week and say “ That was f&@;ing awesome”

This week I was fortunate to receive an invite to play in the EuroPro event at Cumberwell Park Golf club, a couple of hours from home in the UK. A few years ago I lost in a playoff, so I was keen to try and better my second place finish this week. Luckily for me I got off to a great start, opening the tournament with a 62(-9) and managed to keep up the good play for the rest of the week! Rounds of 66(-5) and 68(-3) followed for a total of -17 and a two shot victory! Absolutely buzzing to get the win and after all the up and downs, the doubts and frustrations it feels great to get back to winning ways and really hope I can build on this performance!

Massive thanks goes out to Cumberwell Park GC and all of its members and volunteers that came out this week! The welcome and support for the event was fantastic and whoever makes the shortbread that comes with your coffee, needs a medal!

I have so many people that I need to thank, so bear with me but it is so justified.

My beautiful wife Lauren, that I’m heading back to now in Abu Dhabi. For putting up with my moods and general absence at times to pursue a game that is simply stupid but liberating. She has probably spent all my winnings already but with all the crap she has to deal with I guess she deserves a little shopping trip, just this once.

My Parents, Brother, Family and Friends I thank you for all the support over the years. Constantly supporting and picking me up when it’s not been going well, you know who you are and I can’t thank you all enough.

My sponsors, Kitchen Elegance and my shareholders, for giving me the opportunity to play. I literally couldn’t do it without your help and support, so massive thank you! Superstars!

The team of guys that help me with my game all over the world. I have had a little change up recently in my team with a few departures and additions which has been a really hard decision to make, but it seems to have worked for me and my golf. I can’t thank all the team (new and old) for their patience and time over the years that have got me to here and really excited about how things are moving and look forward to building on this going forward. Bolty, Karl, Matt and Iain, many thanks chaps!

After yesterday’s triumph, today was a pretty great way to end this stint in the UK. I have just finished playing up in London at The Wisley in the ‘Doublet’ Charity Pro Am, that turned out to be a super day raising money for a great foundation the club has set up and grown. I Had a great team to play with and we finished 3rd overall as a team and I ended up 2nd in the pro prize with a 66(-6) before I had to rush off to catch my flight tonight. Massive thanks to the Wisley for a great day and hope it raised a lot of money for a great cause.

It’s been a fairly full on week,but now sat down with a 7 hour flight ahead of me to Abu Dhabi and then onto Nairobi it’s nice to take a breath and reflect! My next event is next week in Kenya on the Sunshine Tour so will keep you updated and hopefully can build on what has been a great week.

Many thanks again for those of you that have messaged me, means a lot and really appreciate your support

Have a great weekend and please enjoy a few beers/ drinks for me

Until next time


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