Mena Tour - Bahrain

Not what I was hoping for…

Hello everyone… Hope this finds you well and none of you are suffering with Coronavirus!

This week I have been playing in Bahrain and the whole Corona situation has gone crazy! Flights stopped from Dubai, kids off school for two weeks and basically everyone wearing masks like the latest fashion statement! Luckily I’m writing this sat in the airport waiting to get my flight back to Abu Dhabi, fingers crossed I arrived unscathed!

This week has been pretty average to be honest! I was average at the start, middle and end of all three of my rounds and overall it was a bloody boring week! Didn’t hit it all that great tee to green and when I did, I didn’t hole any putts so it lead to three average rounds and a very average result.

I like to be positive about my game and I feel I’m in a good spot but some weeks like this are just very beige and there is really not much else to say! Even though my golf was not quite what I wanted, I did however tick off one of the Bahrain tourist spots this week… I have been here a few times now and by the golf course there is huge signs saying ‘Tree of life’. Sounds exciting right? I have always been intrigued, but never visited. Surely a tree can’t be that special?

After an early start I had the afternoon off to check out ‘The Tree’ with my mate Rory,! He decided to read the google reviews on ‘The Tree’ and seemed a lot of people seemed very excited about this tree… When we arrived, Rory started pissing himself laughing, it was a pretty bloody basic tree in the middle of the Desert… The google reviews didn’t really live up to the hype and pretty sure it might be the sneaky manger at the pop up McDonald’s that had started all these rave reviews to get some interest from any tree enthusiasts passing by!

So in summary, some pretty average golf, a very average tree and very much looking forward to going again in Jordan next week, maybe I might look into a face mask for the journey to fit in!

Have a good week…

Until next time


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