EuroPro - Park Wood Golf Club

Interesting week…

Hello everyone, hope you have had a good week! This week I have been playing on the EuroPro Tour at Park Wood golf club.

After the last three weeks of not quite firing on all cylinders, I really wanted to turn the season around and get a result this week. My golf hasn’t been bad this year, it’s just my scoring has been distinctly average and if your not winning on this tour it gets bloody expensive and even more frustrating.

The course this week was… How do I describe it??? Now that I have finished telling myself it was great, an honest assessment would be laughable! It’s probably one of the worst courses I have played in some time. Maybe it would have been better if they had a working fairway mower, as by the end of a hot week it was getting hard to distinguish between the fairway and semi rough. Add that with some of the smallest and undulating greens so far this year and some exceptionally questionable designed golf holes and tree placements and you have a pretty tricky place to play. I think the highlight for me was the players using the chipping green as part of the driving range for the week… That was for sure a first for me!

All good fun… same for everyone and all those other fun sporting cliches we like to throw into the mix. As the week turned out, I played quite nicely… got what I called “Park wooded” a few times which cost me some big numbers in round two but three rounds under par with 69(-3),71(-1) and 67(-5) for a -9 total and tied 5th for the week.

Lots of positives to take from the week and game is trending in the right direction which is nice. Back on the road next week at East Sussex National so hopefully can build on a solid week.

Have a great weekend and keep you posted how next week goes

All the best, Luke

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