EuroPro - Studley Wood

EuroPro - Studley Wood

Slowly turning a corner…

Hello everyone, hope you have had a good week and enjoyed the weather this week… it’s actually been rather toasty.

After the admin, computer, human cock up of last week, it was nice to turn up to the event this week without any surprises (I did check as soon as I arrived). Even though it was frustrating not getting in the event, I did put my time to good use and worked my butt off to try and rectify my recent spell of bad form.

Sometimes a little change of scenery does the world of good. After a round of golf with some of my mates I hadn’t seen in bloody ages on Wednesday evening, I was verbally abused for pretty much all of the 18 holes about numerous things but predominantly my egg like head and now rolling ‘Dad bod’. It was great to play golf again in a care free way, with a fresher, more enjoyment based perspective on golf. When we Sat with the boys after for a beer and the score ranged from mid 70’s to nearly 100’s, nobody really gave a shit about the golf and was great to laugh at each other and take more abuse on the chin, some being branded a bandit while others basically useless. To escape for an evening while still playing the sport I love, for that exact reason of bringing people and now my mates together was great. You do miss that in professional golf, sometimes it feels a bit lonely and regimented, especially when things are not going well, so was a nice change.

After a great zoom session with my coach, Bolty, Monday morning I played the Wisley Pro Am on the Tuesday and we had a feel to take into the week which seemed to work well on the course also from a technical standpoint. I stuck with that feel all week and even though it wasn’t great at times, laughing at myself and smiling on the bad shots is a good remedy for me to move on and deal with my golf at present. It lead to rounds of 70(-3)65(-8)70(-3) for a total -14 and good enough for a tie for 3rd, two shots off the lead.

Nice to get in the mixer again and be up there challenging for a tournament, seems like a long time since that has happened for me since the arrival of our little bundle of madness, so look forward to doing that again, it’s way more fun.

I’m just about to head off to Frilford for Open qualifying tomorrow, Pro Am Tuesday at Cumberwell and then the main event Wednesday-Friday, so a busy week of golf in store. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday.

Happy fathers Day and keep you posted how the week ahead goes…

Egg out!

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