MENA Tour/ Asian Development Tour - Blue Canyon

MENA Tour/ Asian Development Tour - Blue Canyon

Another tough week in the sweat box…

This week I have been playing at Blue Canyon Golf Club in Phuket. As the last two weeks have been a struggle with random spurts of good mixed in with some bad unfortunately this week was much of the same.

Randomly this week I did the hard stuff rather well, but seemed to loose a lot of my touch, feel and yardage control with my wedges which frustrated me no end. Dropping shots when your in scoring positions is not something I’m all too familiar with but have to accept it and move on. I had a very positive practice session today and will build on that before my fourth and final event on Wednesday.

Not going to lie this time away has been a lot harder than first imagined. I knew that being away from home would be tough in itself, but when your battling for every shot when it’s not quite going to plan, the days can feel long and mentally draining. Golf and playing tournaments is pretty easy when it’s going well, you just react and post numbers for fun. When your hitting it all over the place and your not 100% sure where the ball is going the doubt that creeps in is the killer to you score, performance and energy.

I know this is only a temporary transition and perspective and a clear head is what is required to get around the metaphorical bend in the road. Strangely enough I’m rather looking forward/ enjoying the challenge of getting my golf game back into shape so I know there is still a shed load of fight left in me yet.

Sorry it’s not better news or something to get you a little more excited but it will come, maybe next week maybe next month but allowing it to happen will be the quickest way for it to happen.

Will keep you posted how next week goes, have a great week

Sweaty Egg… Out!

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