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MENA Tour - Yas Links

Scrappy, scrappy… solid!

Hello everyone, hope this finds you well and you have had a good week. After a bit of a blog hiatus, it’s like buses in England… you have two come in quick succession.

This week I have been lucky enough to be playing at my home club in the UAE, Yas Links on the Mena Tour. As you have seen from last weeks blog, my form has not been all that great recently and been working hard with my coach, Mike Bolt in Dubai to try and get me back on track. This week was no exception but I did see further signs of improvement from the last two rounds in Jordan last week.

Round 1 and 2 were pretty scrappy affairs, no real fireworks to speak of, just some very boring golf, fairways and greens and not much in between. I did find it savagely frustrating this week, as with Yas being my home track I felt my execution was poor in some pretty average conditions and knowing that I can do so much better and shoot low around this course posting rounds of Level and -1 didn’t really get my juices flowing! Round 3 was a bit better, scrambled well on the front nine and then very solid on the back nine for a bogey free -3 to finish -4 for the tournament and middle of the pack overall. Was definitely hoping for more this week, but I also have to realize where my golf has been of late and where it is now and improvements have been made, just going to take a bit more time so patience is key.

Special thanks go out to the Mena Tour for running a great event and especially to Yas Links for hosting. Yas is a special place to be and if you have never made the trip to play, I would highly recommend it.

Even though my golf was pretty boring this week, I will tell you a story that occurred in round 2 that did bring a chuckle and was a first for me. Yas has a very strong finishing stretch, with holes 16-18 running along side the water. As I was finishing my second round, two Jet Skis were tearing it around by the side of the course, not that uncommon here in AD with some holiday goers, but in this instance they were getting seriously close to rocks and the actual course, where me and my fellow competitors were finishing our last few holes. After this went on for a while, these jet skis kept going back and forth, doing donuts by the greens and just generally being erratic while players were trying to hole out. By this point I had spotted that it was actually two of the players who I had seen on the range earlier that day, they had obviously finished their rounds and were now trying to put other players off by renting some Jet Skis from the local beach club. There was a fairly long delay on the last hole and when I arrived into the scoring area after I had finished, three groups were talking to the Tournament director about the Jet ski incident. Turns out the group in front of us had golf balls thrown at them (hence the delay) from one of the lads on the Jet Skis while they were trying to hole out on the final green. In all my time as a pro I have never heard or seen anything like it, furthermore it turns out the lad throwing golf balls at other players pulled out of the tournament with a bad back after nine holes… Obviously it didn’t affect his driving or throwing arm.

To say some of the players in front of me were not happy would be an understatement, but I couldn’t help but see the funny side of things. For a player to think that his outing on the water was a “good idea” is beyond me. Hopefully the issue will be resolved by appropriate measures from the tour and I’m sure when the guilty party returns home, they will be swapping a jet ski for a more appropriate mode of transport… in my day it would have been a Vauxhall Nova and some eggs but guess times are changing.

That’s enough from me, have a great weekend. I’m next in action in a couple of weeks so will keep you posted

Cheers, Luke

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