Back to the UK..,

Back to the UK..,

Back to a cooler climate…

Hello everyone,

Hope all is well and you’re having a good start to the week. Been back in the UK now for a week and a half and very much enjoying the cooler but sporadic weather.

Quite random that I’m posting a blog on a Wednesday but this weeks event has hardly gone to plan. After turning up to the event to play in the Pro-Am I was told two minutes before playing that due to an entry error I was not actually playing in the event this week at Donnington. I don’t think it’s wise for me to actually give my honest opinion in this matter on a blog as it will probably result in me being banned or fined by the PGA for the handling of the situation. I believe a comedy of errors would be a fairly accurate description of the entry system with logical sense not really taking place in this case.

Very frustrating say the least but these things happen and I will utilize this week as best I can to make sure the game is ready to go in the coming week. I’m next in action hopefully next week at Studley wood and before leaving for the event will make sure my entry is actually accepted so I don’t waste my time like this week.

Hope you have a good week and will fill you in next week goes

Cheers Luke

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