Mena Tour - Madinaty GC - event 1 & 2

Mena Tour - Madinaty GC - event 1 & 2

Walk like an… Egyptian!

Hello everyone and happy new year to you all! Hope you have had a good start to the year and those New Year’s resolutions are still intact!

The past 10 days I have started the year in Egypt on the MENA Tour playing at a course about an hour from Cairo. It’s not very often that you play two events back to back at the same course but I will be honest, it has been an absolute treat to play at Madinaty Golf Club and with the weather has been a testing 10 days of golf.

When I looked at the weather before I came there was a chance of a few cold mornings but overall the weather was supposed to be good. What we got in reality was a stiff, ice cold breeze flipping between westerly and North Westerly which meant it was Baltic for the whole duration of the trip. Luckily I packed a wooly hat and mitts!

The best day was a simple two layers and a wooly hat, the worst was 5 layers, wooly hat and mitts, basically everything I bought with me. I’m currently sat in the airport looking like a burnt pint of Guinness, courtesy of some solid wind burn, a great look for a chap with minimal hair.

The course this week was up there with one of the best I have played in a while, very quick and firm greens which all had massive run offs making balls striking a premium. In the breeze it played tough and making birdies was a struggle on the undulating greens. In week one I managed a middle of the pack finish of around 30th ish, wasn’t my best stuff but also not too bad. Was a pretty tough few days as I missed Hugo’s first birthday and I would be lying if that wasn’t playing on my mind a little but unfortunately part of the job description.

On our only day off I took a trip to the pyramids, so glad I did it but won’t go back in a hurry! They are absolutely amazing to look at, but the constant badgering of the locals trying to fleece you for breathing in the area or to ride a worn out camel took its toll and grumpy Luke kicked in. I was proud of myself as didn’t use any expletives to the locals during my time at the pyramids but did think if the national trust had charge of the site I could have spent all day there, shame it’s not better organized. Welcome to Egypt I guess.

Tournament two finished today and I played really nicely to be fair. After a good practice event in tournament 1 I managed to get in a bit more of a flow the past two days. Rounds of 70,69,67 was good enough for tied 4th position and a better showing.

Really enjoyed being back playing competitive golf again, not going to lie Egypt is a nice spot but 10 days is more than enough for me and looking forward to heading back to Abu Dhabi to see Lauren and celebrate little Hugo turning one. That year has gone so fast it’s scary.

Will have a few weeks to regroup, work on a few things based off these past two events and then be back in action in March, hopefully again on the Mena Tour in the UAE.

Will keep you all posted how it all goes but hope you have a great week wherever you are in the world

Until next time, Cheers Luke

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