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King Hamad Trophy - Bahrain

Good way to end the year…

Hello everyone, hope this finds you well! As I write this I’m currently on my way back to London after playing my last event in 2019.

This week I was in Bahrain for the King Hamad Trophy, to say it was a bit of a whirlwind trip is quite the understatement. I wasn’t actually going to play the event this week, as to be honest funds are pretty limited at the moment and I had my brother in Abu Dhabi visiting for the F1. As it turned out I flew to Bahrain on the morning of the opening round as I had played the course many times before and when the organizers kindly offered to sort out my hotel for the week to keep my costs down and as a past champion, I wanted to support the event even if my preparation was not exactly going to be ideal.

It turned out to be a good decision, rounds of 71(-1)), 68(-4) and a final round 64(-8) got myself into a playoff at -13 which I finally managed to win(playoffs have not been my friend) and proved to be a good call in making the trip. Really happy to get the win and was great to see that the hard work I have been putting in with my team paying off. I want to take this opportunity to thank Mike, Ali and Karl for all of their support this year and really feel 2020 can be something special as I have a great support group behind me. Thank you gents!

This year has been probably my hardest to date, my performance and golfing ability has been getting better and better thanks to the guys I have around me, but I didn’t quite realize how my golf would mean absolutely nothing to me with Lauren, my wife,being sick. We are currently on route to London to start the process of getting her better with surgery but It puts things in perspective really quickly when I saw her in so much pain this summer. I have dedicated half my life to golf but when we found out the severity of things in the summer and how much it would cost to put right, I was ready to throw in the towel to get a normal job to pay the medical bills. If it wasn’t for Lauren and my family being totally against the idea and supporting me, I would have stopped playing in a heartbeat and I think this weeks performance was a good way to cement that the wife is always right.

It’s always great to get back in the winners circle and playing with something on the line, it’s the reason I get up in the morning and practice. This win was great and it’s a huge relief to get a cheque that will help take care of some of the bills that will be coming up. Looking forward to seeing the family and having some time off! The main focus will be supporting Lauren and making sure she is back to full health over the next two months.

I’m really looking forward to preparing for the 2020 season but feel next year is going to be a tough one to predict, I’m hoping to be back In action in February for the MENA tour but it all depends on Lauren’s recovery. Fingers crossed she will be back to her normal self soon, she is one of the strongest individuals I know and I’m sure a few weeks with me looking after her, she will be the one wanting to push me out the door and get my golf season started as quickly as possible so she can get a break from me.

Not sure when I will be posting next but thank you all for following along this year and wish you and all your families a safe, healthy and happy festive period. Appreciate your support, it means a lot

Best wishes and Happy 2020 Cheers, Luke

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