Manning’s Heath - EuroPro

Manning’s Heath - EuroPro

Steady week…

Hello guys, hope this finds you well and your continuing to enjoy the sunshine… Are you ready for some rain? Hopefully not…

This week I have been playing at Manning’s Heath Golf Club, near Horsham. I will be honest I wasn’t planning on playing this event this year but due to the entry cock up earlier in the season I needed to find another event to make up for it. Manning’s has never been a great course for me historically, visually it just doesn’t do anything for me or how I picture my shots as I feel that due to some of the dead elephants in, on or around the greens it makes it very difficult to land and finish a ball where you want. Pair that up with the driest July on record in the UK and this year was no different and played like a motorway at times.

Started off the week with a fantastic Pro Am which was good fun and great to get play and also spend some time with a couple of gents who have helped make this season possible. We didn’t win the Pro Am, but we did have a good laugh which was one of the main focuses of the day and heard about the the history of Gina Gee (Long story).

As for the event, it was a bit of a scoring battle in rounds 1 & 3. Strangely enough I wouldn’t say I played much different in those rounds compared to round 2 but like I said above, it’s a type of course that can do that and rounds of 72(L), 66(-6) and 72(L) was good enough for -6 for the tournament and a Top 20 finish. Solid enough but no fireworks for this week but a good opportunity to get competitive and play around a course that I don’t particularly enjoy.

Next week I’m down in Wales playing at Machynys GC, never played it before but heard good things so looking forward to the challenge.

Hope you all have a good weekend, enjoy the start of the premier league season! I’m heading to The Vitality today to cheer on The Cherries and hope they can steal a point or three from Villa. Got a feeling it might be a testing season for the team but anything is possible with a bit of belief!

Until next week…

Egg, Out!

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