MENA Tour - Jordan

Umm… Beige!

Hello all, hope you are doing well and having a good week! This week I have been competing on the MENA Tour in Jordan and I think the word that sums up my golf for the week would be… Beige!

Not really offensive in anyway the color Beige but it is pretty bloody boring and that is exactly what my golf was like this week. Very steady, very straight but no excitement to speak of in anyway, shape or form. I did play some really nice golf in some very windy conditions in round 1 and 2 but when it was flat calm in round 3 and the course was ripe for picking, the putter once again came up cold. Can’t say it was from poor putting, just nothing really dropped all week and sums up the last few weeks really, lots of good stuff but no real fireworks in scoring which is what gets me excited.

The course at Ayla in Jordan is always a nice spot to come and play, don’t get me wrong, in the wind it feels like a bloody slog for the most part but you have to embrace the challenge. Rounds of 71,70,71 for a -4 total and an 8th place finish was the best of the Beige that I could manage this week.

Many thanks to the Mena Tour and Ayla for another well run event. The hospitality is always good down at Ayla and thanks to the two Chris’s for hosting another great week. I would normally be heading back for a week off in Abu Dhabi and getting ready for the remaining six events on the Mena Tour, but found out yesterday evening that due to the Corona Virus I will now be jobless for the next 8 weeks! They have postponed the rest of the tour for safety reasons and hopefully once the man/bat/beer flu has ended, the tour will reconvene hopefully in October some time. Not really the news I wanted as felt the game was trending in the right direction but shit happens I guess. Will use the time to… possibly get a hair transplant, start a face mask business or just annoy the crap out of Lauren! She is going to suffer more than anyone from this so please send her support :(

If anyone is bored and fancies a money game in AD then let me know… Guess my next event will be in May back in the UK so hopefully fill you in when I’m out of the sandpit.

Stay safe out there and really hope this virus sorts itself out!

All the best


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